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Freshque' feeding program, also known as Freshque Foundation, provides free, nutritious meals to kids at locations like schools, centers, churches, shelters and other community spaces. We partner with other nonprofits and sites in our service area that offer free meals to kids and adults 18 and under after school and in the summer.


FreshQue Foundation, promotes to improve and maintain the health and nutritional status of children and adults, while promoting the development of good eating habits, and integrate nutritious food services with organized free child and adult after school services offered.

FreshQue Foundation has visited over 12 cities in an 9-month period to directly impact the undeserved communities. During this period, we have been able to serve and give away the following:

Over 4,500 people served
Over 9,000 food boxes and fresh produce boxes
Over 15,000 individual meals
Over 100 after school tutoring sessions
Over 350 backpacks
Over 275 essentials kits
Over 500 fruits and vegetables


About Freshque Foundation

Our Mission is simple! Freshque' mission is to feed hungry children and adults healthy meals today and work to end hunger tomorrow.

We Got You. Eat Fresh!